What I am about to say does not concern the ordinary man of our day. On the contrary, I have in mind the man who finds himself involved in today’s world, even at its most problematic and paroxysimal points; yet he does not belong inwardly to such a world, nor will he give in to it. He feels himself, in essence, as belonging to a different race from that of the overwhelming majority of his contemporaries. ~ Julius Evola.

Monday, 24 November 2014

John Kersey - Music and Culture

Speech delivered at the Traditional Britain Conference to the Traditional Britain Group by Professor John Kersey on 18th October 2014.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Andrew Thickett - The Sussurating Fire

Pushkin was sure,
Piotr would pour,
The recusant sky inside his sacred cup:
Tatiana's swirling thunder-water,
Sent Onegin asunder:
His Eros observing
Her deliquescent love,
Like a silent dome,
Surrounded by a theophany of ghosts.

Beneath the surface,
Our visible metaphysic -
Rises, spine-wise,
To reveal its denouement:
Beauty is a form
Of invisible fire.
Once a life has been lived twice
The fabulist will find a way
to distance his scrupulosity from his lyre.